The term of the Latest Sbobet Live Draw Game

The term of the Latest Sbobet Live Draw Game

Sbobet Online – Hello online bettor, meet again with the admin who this time gave an article entitled the latest term sbobet live draw game. Live Draw is the newest type of game provided by our favorite online gambling site, sbobet.

The term of the Latest Sbobet Live Draw Game

The type of live draw game itself is like the lottery or online lottery, the difference is if the lottery is drawn once every 1 day or 2 days. In the sbobet live draw game, the draw is drawn every 2 hours and 3 hours. The live draw payment system is the same as the moneyline in basketball and baseball betting. Well, without lingering for a long time, see the guide to playing the latest sbobet live draw below:

Rainbow / Rainbow

This bet requires you to guess the color that might come out, there are 3 color choices that you can choose later, namely green, red and yellow.

Hi Mid Lo Numbers

In this type of bet, you are required to guess the sum of the six numbers that will come out later.

Final Color

This type of bet is the easiest, where you have to guess the last color that came out of the draw. The available colors are blue, green, red and yellow.

Odd Even

Odd = odd, even = even. Bet type guesses the total even / odd balls that come out later.

Final Ball

This type of bet is not much different from the game of roulette, where there are a total of 36 numbers available for you to guess. The chance of winning in the final ball game is 1: 37.


The betting system on lotto like hamir is similar to mix parlay in soccer gambling, in this type of lotto bet you have to choose a minimum of 1 ball and a maximum of 4 balls. If, for example, you choose 4 numbers and the output is because one number is not correct, it will be considered defeat.


This type of bet is like over under in soccer gambling too, where in the total bet type you have to guess the total of the 4 numbers that come out whether it is above or below. The markets available on total alone are under 84, 84 to 107, 108 to 132, and 132 and over.

First (first ball) or Last (Last Ball)

In this type of bet, you are required to choose the biggest first ball or last ball. For multiplication, the first / last model is the same as odd / even.

This is a brief explanation from the admin about the terms in live draw gambling on the sbobet site. Hope it can help you, that’s all and thank you.