Variety of Poker Games in IDN Poker

Variety of Poker Games in IDN Poker

Poker Online – Having a variety of games that can be played by its members is an obligation for the Poker Agent to provide a pleasant experience to the players. Providing many types of poker games is very important to make members feel at home and always visit the site. No exception, such as on the site you can visit, namely IDN Poker which can be called the most trusted and best Poker Agent with a wide variety of poker players that can be played.

Even if you are already a member of the IDN Poker Agent, you are guaranteed to get a lot of benefits, starting from Bonuses and Promos, easy transactions, security of personal data, to a wide variety of poker games that can be played and of course have an official PAGCOR license. and BMM Tetslabs.

Indeed, not all prospective poker gambling players need a lot of games that are provided by poker agents as long as the desired game is on the site. But there is nothing wrong with trying to play on this site, because who knows if you want to try other games available at Poker Agents.

Variety of Poker Games Available at Poker Agents

Who is not familiar with the word Poker Agent which is the largest online gambling site for online poker gambling in Indonesia, with a wide variety of poker games that can be played which makes poker agents the most important means for poker game lovers.

Surely you are familiar with poker which is the most popular game among online gamblers, where the demand is huge, even throughout the world. With this popularity, the game of poker is very much sought after by online gamblers.

But actually in the gambling game that is at the poker agent, it is not only poker that you can play, and there are many other games with uniqueness and different ways of playing that certainly won’t bore you. Especially if you play at a trusted poker agent, the more benefits you can get.

Every gambler who plays on online gambling sites has a choice of his favorite game to play, with many players wanting to play different poker gambling games making it an obligation for online gambling sites to provide a large and complete variety of poker games to satisfy the desires of their members.

If there is an online gambling site that fails to provide what its members need, don’t be surprised if that player will leave the site and look for a better poker agent. Because every player wants the game he wants to be on an online gambling site so there is no need to bother looking for it again.

Therefore it is actually very easy to answer the problem of a gambler who is having trouble finding the poker game that you want, because the answer is very easy, namely by becoming a member of a trusted poker agent like Indipoker. Then you can find a variety of poker games that you want.

By becoming a member of a Poker Agent, there will be a lot of benefits that you can get and one of them is a complete and safe variety of poker games. If you have registered with poker before, don’t be surprised if you already know the many poker games available on Indipoker and can be played for free too.

But for a prospective new player it becomes an important suggestion to immediately register with a trusted poker agent if you want to play online poker, but the games that are available at a poker agent are actually not only that and there are many other games such as:

1. Poker Holdem
This card game is actually very popular among the public, especially gambling lovers, because the easy but challenging way to play makes poker holdem very popular with many online gamblers. Surely many are familiar with the game that uses 1 card deck as a playing tool, with about 2 to 9 players and 1 dealer. Poker Holdem game features are:
The maximum number of Poker Holdem games is 9 players and 1 dealer in 1 table.
Players are given 2 cards each at the beginning of the game.
Players can choose the turn or move that can be used in turn which consists of “Check”, “Raise”, “Fold” and “All In ‘.
The dealer is only tasked with distributing cards to players, collecting betting chips, and placing 5 Community Cards.
Players can bring the maximum or minimum betting capital depending on the betting table.

2. Ceme
This game is one of the simple games that many people in Indonesia play, with an easy way to play it is no wonder the Ceme game is very popular among various gamblers. Moreover, only in the ceme game there are several choices of roles that can be taken between wanting to become a player or a dealer. With that, it’s no wonder that ceme games are so popular. The characteristics of the Ceme game are:
The number of players in the Ceme game is a maximum of 9 and a minimum of 2 people.
In the Ceme game, which usually has 9 players, 8 people become players and 1 other person becomes a dealer / dealer.
Each player and dealer will be given 2 cards at the beginning of the game.
One of the conditions to be able to win the ceme game is that players must be able to get a number of numbers that are close to 9.
In this game, there is a dot / red dot on the card that has the same number value.
In certain conditions there is the sum with a 2 digit number, then the last number that can be used. For example, the result is 17, then only the number 7 is used.
All players at that 1 table must fight against the dealer to win.

3. Omaha
A game that is very similar to Poker Holdem is a new game available at Poker Agents, maybe at first glance Omaha is very similar to how to play with Poker Holdem, but if you don’t find out the rules and how to play, actually Omaha has several differences with Poker Holdem. But this difference does not prevent gambling players from trying to play Omaha. Omaha game features are:
The maximum number of players who can join the Omaha game is 5 and a minimum of 2 people and 1 Dealer.
How to play it looks similar to Poker Holdem, which is looking for card combinations using a Community Card or 5 cards face up in the middle of the table.
But what’s different here is that the player will be given 4 cards from the Dealer.
And Players can only use 2 cards out of the 4 cards given by the Dealer to be combined with the Community Card.

4.Super 10
This one game is not widely known by many gamblers, but that doesn’t mean that no one likes Super 10 because it has similarities with other games, namely Sakong / Samgong. But of course, even though it has similarities, there must be something different, and one of them is where in the Super 10 game each player is given only 2 cards by the Dealer then on the next turn they are given 1 more card which makes the player hold 3 cards, different from Sakong who is given 3 cards directly. Other features of the Super 10 game are:
The maximum number of players is only 9 with a minimum of 2 players and 1 dealer.
At the beginning of the game each Player will be given 2 cards each, and on the next turn 1 card will be given again so that all players hold 3 cards.
Players must add up the values ​​on the cards to get the biggest number.
The biggest number that can be obtained in the Super 10 game is 10.
The value or value on the card remains the same if it has a number such as 2 to 9, for King and 10 cards have a value of 0, and aces have a value of 1.

5. Capsa Susun
Who is not familiar with Capsa Susun, which is a popular game among the community and is widely played in hangout places. The way to play is very easy if you are familiar with the Poker Holdem game, but it is demanded for a gambling player to think about a strategy in playing. The characteristics of the Capsa Susun game are:
The maximum number of players who can play at Capsa Susun is only 4 people with a minimum of 2 players.
Why does it have to be 4 players because each player will be distributed 13 poker cards equally.
One way to play is that players must arrange cards from bottom to top in a 5-5-3 arrangement.
The order at the bottom must use a good card combination from the one in the middle, and up to the top.
The card combinations used in Capsa Susun are, “Royal Straight Flush”, “Straight Flush”, “Four of a Kind”, “Full House”, “Flush”, “Straight”, “Three of a Kind”, “Double Pair “,” Pair “, and” High Card “.